Our Story

About us

The South Bristol Clothing Company launched in 2014 with a simple vision: to capture the hard working, independent culture of our home and turn it into a proud global identity.

We don't believe there is anywhere quite like South Bristol in the world, which is why it deserves a brand that will register beyond the local streets of Bristol. That's our mission.

When it comes to representing an area, we're inspired by American hometown pride, bold in colour and text. But our influences are all from the people and places of South Bristol.

We started with high quality, embroidered sweatshirts and stitched South Bristol text - our signature clothing line - to reflect the strong, hard-working and industrial past of the area.

We added sharp, on-trend snapback caps and beanies for our local youthful and artistic influences. Then a range of bright, super-soft tees to match our sporting, outdoor passions.

When you wear South Bristol Clothing, not only will you enjoy comfortable, smart-looking designs, but you'll also be letting everyone know where you're from and what you're about.